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Oregon Grown Tall Fescue

• Think green with environmentally friendly tall fescues!

• Low maintenance

• Shade and drought tolerant

• Wear and trample resistant

• Low nitrogen requirement

About Us

The Oregon Tall Fescue Commission is an industry-funded agency that operates under the auspices of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission Program.
The Commission’s purpose is to generate awareness and create a demand for Origin: Oregon turf-type tall fescue grass seed to homeowners, golf course superintendents, lawn care operators and parks managers and pasture-types to livestock and equine managers.

Tall fescues have earned a reputation as widely adapted, extremely deep rooted, low maintenance, drought and shade tolerant grasses, and are more and more in demand for lawns, expansive turf areas, and pastures where water, fertilizer, manpower costs and ecological concerns are factors.
And tall fescue seed produced in Oregon by professional growers, many whose families have been farming for more than a century.

We encourage all grass seed purchasers to insist on Origin: Oregon products for our assurance of quality.


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